Privacy Policy

This notice is given as an electronic version of the same, announced following the IT Act of 2022 and it involves updates at times, certainly, at our sole discretion, for both the new users and the existing ones. Herein, the revised policies are enforced at the same time when it gets posted online. 

Announced on: 28/06/2022

The Open School Corporate, one of the most affordable and effective online corporate course steaming platforms, with due respect to your privacy, hereby announces the privacy policies covering the data collection practices and users’ rights over their data. By using our TOS Corporate website, you agree to the privacy policy hereafter!

TOS Corporate collects data through, –

  • The Website
  • Automated means like browser,
  • Third-parties,
  • Social media channels,
  • Cookies, Web Beacons, & Flash LSOs,
  • Data Collection & Analytics tools,
  • Your answers in our contests, sweepstakes, surveys, & other promotional campaigns,
  • Your messages or emails to us,
  • Your payment made for availing of our online corporate courses, and
  • Rating, reviews & testimonial system.

What information do we collect through the website?

Through the website, TOS Corporate collects a variety of personal information that identifies you as an individual, such as –

  1. Your name,
  2. Your date of birth,
  3. Your age,
  4. Your gender,
  5. Your email address,
  6. Your phone number,
  7. Your nationality,
  8. Your country of residence,
  9. Your profile picture,
  10. Your educational qualification and occupation. 

What information do we collect through automated means? 

Through automated means like when accessing the services, TOS corporate collects information, like –

  1. Your IP address,
  2. Your device type, operating system, version of OS, and unique device identifiers,
  3. Your browser language, domains, & system data,
  4. An approximate geographical location you are in, along with the geographical coordinates,
  5. Your usage data & stats, like contents of our website accessed, time spent on it, date & time of access, searched queries, pages visited, and so forth.

What information do we collect through third parties?

TOS Corporates also collects certain information through third-party service providers or affiliates who host our services on their platforms and this information may vary from time to time depending on multiple factors, be it for marketing purposes or legal processes. In this regard, aggregate information about your engagements with our campaigns on their platform is mostly collected. 

What information do we collect through social media? 

Also, through social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. TOS Corporate tends to collect your personal information. The information usually collected here is –

  1. Your profile name, bio, & display picture,
  2. Your connections, and their names & display pictures,
  3. Your comments in our social media posts and message board,
  4. All your shared content on social media and that of your connections,
  5. Other platforms and services availed of from your social media account, and
  6. Your engagement with our social media profiles. 

What information do we collect through cookies, web beacons, & Flash LSOs?

Through the medium of advanced technologies like cookies, web beacons or GIFs, and flash LSOs, TOS Corporate collects a large amount of information that is more personal. The information we collect & store through data collection tools are –

  1. All activities through and history of your browser,
  2. Your various profiles on the web and their password,
  3. Your shopping carts and wish lists,
  4. Your bank accounts that are attached to those online store’s profiles and the respective financial details,
  5. Your online searches and interests,
  6. Your preferences in visiting our TOS Corporate platform, like language or location, simultaneously with that of others,
  7. Time spent on various websites and the visited subpages, and
  8. IP Address of your device. 

What information do we collect through analytics tools?

Through analytics tools like Google or Adobe, TOS Corporate collects aggregate information, like –

  1. Trends & patterns of your engagement on our platform together with that of the other users, as an aggregate,
  2. Your engagement with our Digital marketing campaigns, along with that of other users, in the very same way as above,
  3. Time & date of engagements in total, monthly, weekly, or hourly,
  4. Sources through which you availed our platform,
  5. Keywords used in availing of our platform,
  6. The specific web pages visited and for how long,
  7. The sessions of use, and
  8. Resolution size at which you use the web pages.

What information do we collect through your payment?

Through the payments you make for accessing any of the online corporate courses, all information collected is financial, and here only a portion of your financial information is extracted and not the whole of it. The typically collected information covers –

  1. Your bank account name & number,
  2. IFSC Code,
  3. UPI Address used if any,
  4. The name of the bank service used,
  5. The amount paid, and
  6. Transaction issues, if any. 

What information do we collect through your messages or emails?

Through the messages and emails your write to us at TOS Corporate, we collect and record information, mainly concerning –

  1. Your issues in availing of our services,
  2. The resolution offered and applied,
  3. Your responses to the resolution,
  4. The frequency of issues, their authenticity, and
  5. Your entire chat history with us.

 What information do we collect through contests, sweepstakes, and survey campaigns? 

Through a contest, sweepstake, or survey, the information that TOS collects about you is primarily interest & preference specific. They constitute your answers to a variety of questions, sometimes on your likes and dislikes, sometimes on your unique needs & requirements, and so on. The information extraction type may differ from one campaign to another, and it is an advisory to recheck the instructions and policies of the definite campaign before participating in it as they may at some point also include too personal information.

What information do we collect through the ratings & reviews system? 

Through the ratings & reviews system, certainly, as the name suggests, we collect information, like –

  1. Your feedback about our service,
  2. Your improvements suggested, &
  3. Your rating of our service. 

Why & How do we use your data? 

TOS Corporates use your data for multiple purposes and in multiple ways. Sometimes, TOS Corporate may use your data through social media, sometimes through analytics tools, and likewise! The pursuits of using your data are – 

  • For securing the website, preventing fraudulent activities through the website, detecting and preventing abuse or misuse of the site for unauthorized means,
  • For measuring and subsequently improving the service, for analyzing market trends & traffics,
  • For delivering relevant ads, and also those based on your interest & preferences, and for advertising on a third-party website,
  • For tailoring advertisements across different devices,
  • For displaying customized educational content, information, features, or services,
  • For communicating with you,
  • For successfully processing payments,
  • To create efficient market subscription plans, offers, and discount programs for you,
  • For facilitating technical help like troubleshooting and resolutions to issues like that in case of misuse of your browser,
  • For legal compliance, and
  • For the different operational strategies that we may undertake from time to time at our sole discretion. 

To whom do we disclose your data? 

It is crucial for you to note that TOS Corporate may have to disclose and share your data with others for carrying out the business development operations and otherwise. We may disclose your information to, –

  1. Our affiliates who allow us to run ads on their platform,
  2. Our third-party vendors who perform tasks like marketing, branding, data analysis, or improvising IT infrastructure,
  3. Our sponsors of survey campaigns, contests, or sweepstakes whereby they shall market their services or products to you along with ours,
  4. Our business partners,
  5. Your bank account holder,
  6. Your connections on social media platforms,
  7. The individual or company who takes over the control of the business in case of the business transfer,
  8. Judicial or Governmental authorities, at local, regional, national, or international levels, of course, only at their own request.

What are your rights and choices concerning our data collection?

TOS Corporate acknowledges your customary rights over your data. Henceforth, bringing up a series of choices for you to avail of in terms of our data collection processes. You can choose to not provide certain data to us, and in that case, you have a provision of, –

  • Opting out of promotional content from us through emails by changing the email preferences in your account,
  • Declining cookies by changing the preferences in the cookies control policy,
  • Withdrawing from analytics tools and data collection through other automated means by removing the link of your browser to your account and then browsing anonymously,
  • Declining participation in any or all of the contests, sweepstakes, or surveys, and
  • Suppressing or removing some of your data from our records by writing in the mail to us at 

Now, if you still have any questions or disputes regarding our privacy policies, please drop a message to us at your convenient time!