Terms & Conditions

This notice constitutes the electronic version of our terms and conditions at TOS corporate and is issued depending on the Information Technology Act of 2022. The notice stands crucial for both existing users and the new concerning your availing of our platform and/or our services. The terms and conditions can be changed or updated at certain times as per our sole discretion, and the updated terms and conditions shall stand enforced the moment it is posted in this electronic version. Thus, your continued use and access to our platform shall be considered as agreed upon in our revised terms.

Issued on: 28/06/2022

The Open School Corporate, one of the top online corporate course streaming platforms, hereby publishes the terms & conditions for visitors and users of our platform. Therefore, you need to see and note the below-stated terms and conditions before you access our website.

On availing of our website, TOS Corporate, you agree to –

  1. Not hold any commercial pursuit while engaging with our platform,
  2. Not cause any damage to the website and its server, or overburden it,
  3. Not use, modify, recreate, or distribute any of our contents without any prior approval from us,
  4. Not use robots, spiders, or some other software for extracting any information about our company or our users from our website,
  5. Not use any derogatory connotation or language while engaging and interacting with our posts, social media profiles, emails, or message board,
  6. Not come up with improper behaviors, threats, verbal abuses, or discriminatory endeavors while you interact with our other users,
  7. Not to intervene in others’ usage of our website, including their ability to engage in real-time activities on our website,
  8. Not transmit or procure the sending of our promotional materials by the use of junk mails, chain letters, or spam,
  9. Not impersonate or even attempt to impersonate TOS Corporate or any of its employees, partners, or associates,
  10. Not use any manual techniques to monitor or copy any of our content materials that are visible on the website,
  11. Not introduce any virus or malicious materials into the website,
  12. Not attempt to extract unauthorized access to our website,
  13. Not promote any illegal activity through our website,
  14. Not use any materials belonging to third parties while interacting through or engaging with our website,
  15. Your liability to give authentic information to TOS Corporate, particularly data of your identification, like name, nationality, country of residence, phone number, etc.,
  16. Your liability to comply with the local, regional, national, or international governmental laws while visiting, engaging, or interacting on our platform,
  17. Your liability to check that those individuals using your browser to access our website have read and shall comply with the privacy policies & terms and conditions of TOS Corporate,
  18. Our authority to collect, bookkeep or disclose your information, both personal and aggregate, if you are any of our visitors, [For further inquiry, see Privacy Policy notice]
  19. Our authority to anytime amend the website or withdraw it,
  20. Our authority to change or update any of its courses or other content materials,
  21. Our authority to restrict or terminate access to you onto our website, in parts or as a whole, following some specific factors, such as –
  • Your misuse of our platform or any of our assets,
  • Your Fraudulent activities or scams, if any,
  • Your suppression of data by declining cookies or canceling browser interlinking with your web profile,
  • Your submission of misleading or improper information to us, more for the ones that hold wrong information concerning personal identification, and
  • Several other problems. [To know more, read the notice till the end]
  1. Our authority to cancel your subscription, your reviews, your posts or comments on our online platform,
  2. Our rights to take legal action against any abusive use of our platform or violation of our intellectual property rights!

For reporting any violation of our terms & conditions or privacy policies, contact us at info@theopenschool.com.